POS Hospitality for fine dining, quick service, and pizza delivery offers all the features to keep your restaurant running smoothly.


POS Winery, designed specifically for wineries and micro breweries. Its industry specific reporting, club and sales channel tracking, will simplify your daily operations.


POS QuickService designed for fast food, nightclubs and lounges, will help you increase revenue and control costs.



UniversalPOS has been designed for the demanding requirements of retail operations. C-Stores, Garden Centers, and golf courses all benefit from our quick and simple user interface and inventory control.


UniversalPOS was first introduced in 1988 as a DOS package called the Retailers Advantage. The Retailers Advantage was a very popular package in the general purpose retail markets and continues to operate to this very day in many locations in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario. In 1997,development began on our Windows based system, which was officially released in 2000. Again, initially released as a retail package, its success was immediate and quickly proved to be a popular choice in Ontario. Through the next five years, interfaces were developed for Quick Service, Fine Dining Hospitality and Wineries making it one of the few software packages on the market that could seamlessly be incorporated into virtually any industry.

Today, UniversalPOS is sold under many different brands, but the proven technology behind the solution remains the same. Our team of developers, partners, and resellers are committed to providing an affordable, reliable and simple solution to help your business grow. With new releases monthly, POS simplicity will ensure you're always up to date with today's technology.


UniversalPOS provides a simple, affordable, and powerful "end-to-end" point of sale system offering inventory control and customer relationship management (CRM).

This high-performance system will help you manage your business, increase revenue and control costs. Its unique design allows it to be easily integrated into virtually any industry without sacrificing industry specific features.

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POS News

Our POS solution is constantly developing to help better your company. New features are being added and POS news will keep you informed on all updates that are released and what these updates entailed.

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